Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pictures of Wadi Dahir

Friday, April 07, 2006

Gah! The rain is really pouring down at the mo, accompanied by an orchestra of thunder and lighting – a Yemeni version of Fantasia without Mickey Mouse. I know the sa’ilah will have to be flooded even higher than in the last photo I posted but I’m afraid it will be too dark to take a decent photo before the rain has stopped and I can get out there.

The rains have also caused severe flooding in areas south of Sana’a causing 25 deaths as of last time I checked.

I’ve posted some pictures of my trip to the Imam’s Palace in Wadi Dahir. Most of the trees you will see in the photos should be a combination of fruit and qat trees.

I’ll touch on this weekend’s wedding/village trip soon (BTW, the weekend here is Thursday and Friday).

This is the Imam's palace

A view from the top of the Imam's palace

Yet another picture from atop of the Imam's palace

View #3 from atop the Imam's palace

This is a picture of a mafraj (Please note that this is a rather nice mafraj)